I Made a Luhkka For My Sami Friend – With a Brief History of Sami Oppression in Norway

I hope you enjoy this labor of love that has been several months in the making. I know this video is really two videos in one, but I really wanted the creation of the luhkka and the history to be in the same place!

Important note: The Sami words I am briefly using in this video are from the Northsami language. There are many more Sami languages, including Lulesami, Pitesami, Southsami, Skoltesami, Tersami, and Kildinsami. Northsami is simply the one I have the most knowledge and relation to.

Video link: https://youtu.be/lmetu345cbc

The pattern I based my luhkka on (Bonus Sami language).

The Sami Pathfinders




Words that might be unfamiliar:

Sámi – Indigenous person of central- and northern Scandinavia and north-westernmost parts of Russia. Many Sami are or were nomadic, moving with their reindeer (if they are reindeer-herding Sami, not everyone are) from winter camp to summer camp and back again.
Sápmi – The territory where the Sami traditionally lived
Luhkká – Sami closed cape
Yule – The Norse celebration of the winter solstice
Snøfrid – From “Snow” and “beautiful”. Sami woman
Svåse – Sami chieftain
Harald Hårfagre – Harald Fairhair (beautiful hair, not necessarily blond), Norwegian saga king
Gamme – Sami earthen home. Could be either a permanent or temporary structure.
Ottar – Norwegian explorer and merchant. Known as Ohthere in King Alfred’s Orosius
Biarmians – A group of people living in what is now modern-day Russia
Gakti – Sami tunic/kirtle
Seid – Magic
Noaidi – Sami spiritual leader


Text sources are separated by language, with a (NO) for Norwegian sources and (EN) for English sources.

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