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This listing is for one (1) letter. Lovingly written by hand and posted by Kristine and sent to your provided address. We cross our fingers for their safe travels. 💌

I decided to offer these up, as a way for generous viewers who may not wish to subscribe to a monthly service such as Patreon, to be able to easily support my work and get a little something in return. I also offer handwritten cards.

About the cards: 

The letter you receive may not be the letter and envelope that you see in the pictures. They can and will change with time as I run out of old stock and look for new, beautiful letter-writing sets that I enjoy and hope you will too. Perhaps in time, we may print some custom supplies? Who knows! Only time will tell. But I promise it will be handwritten by me and handled with care.

About Name Your Price: 

I knew I wanted to offer these cards on a “Name Your Price” (also known as Pay What You Want) social sliding scale. One, because apart from the hosting of this website, time spent writing the card and buying beautiful letter-writing sets when I find them, the remainder of this price is all support to my work. In that sense, no support is too big or too small. And social models like Pay What You Want make it easy to choose which amount (within the pre-established parameters) is right for you and your financial situation.

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