Recreating a Viking Age Brocade Tablet Woven Band – Mammen C. 970 AD

I made a thing!

Hope you enjoy my venture into my old hobby of card weaving (AKA tablet weaving) by recreating this Viking age brocaded band from Bjerringhøy, Mammen in Denmark, dated to about 970 AD (AKA early medieval/middle ages).

This video exists because I saw Morgan Donner use these beautifully carved weaving tablets for pattern weights in one of her videos. So in the spirit of Noelle and “Just do the thing”, I did my best and just made… this thing!

References linked to in the video:
[1] Original from Denmark National Museum
[2]…​ [Link no longer valid, sadly. :(]

Digitized pattern:

My most favorite maker of tablet weaving cards

An excellent supplier of weaving yarn:

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