The Easiest Adjustable Skirt? | Experiments in Skirt Construction – 18th C. inspired

Wintertime is a good time for making new wool skirts with which we can go frolicking in the snow. And with intentional adjustability, our bodies can more easily do what they do without shame or guilt. Plus, it makes lending or giving clothes to other humans easier too!

More adjustable skirts and body-positive garments for everyone! 🙂

Video link:

This project was a great soft start in the world of filming and sewing again after a small break over the New Year. I am now getting ready to get stuck in again! I’ve been bitten by the knitting bug again lately, so maybe there will be some new videos featuring that, or maybe I’ll go in a different direction entirely.

In any case, this was a delightful small project. And, I must say, surprisingly warm! I was only wearing one linen petticoat and the wool skirt and I was surprisingly warm and toasty! Of course, a lot of that has to do with keeping ye olde core nice and warm. As you can see, I am layering up with a thick wool sweater under my wool cape, and then closing up all the gaps with thick wool mittens, a hat, and a scarf. Even with only one pair of wool stockings, I was not cold! It was about -11C (about 12F) on the day I was filming, which is not too bad, and one of the many advantages of living near the coast. 🙂

I hope you enjoy! I can’t wait to experiment more with adjustable garments in the future.

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