Yule Gifts for Viking Reenactors | Skjoldehamn Socks

Video link: https://youtu.be/k-k9Rc08AYI

In reenactment spaces (at least the ones I frequent) it is said that money is the least fun way you can repay someone. So these Skjoldehamn-inspired socks are a winter solstice gift for a friend who very kindly made me a pair of shoes. I hope they fit and will keep my friend warm. 🙂

Want to learn more about Sami and the Skjoldehamn find’s relation to local costume traditions? I have a video about that.


  • [1] Løvlid, D. H. (2009). Nye tanker om Skjoldehamnfunnet, Universitetet i Bergen
  • [2] Hilde Thunem’s excellent compilation of Viking-age hose and socks
  • [3] Nockert, M. (1985). Bockstenmannen och hans dräkt, Halmstad och Varberg: Stiftelsen Hallands länsmuseer, ISBN 91-85720-070

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